Navy Seals


American special forces: navy seals, have been created during the WWII in 1942. At first, they were created to prepare the D-Day and covert the reconnaissance of the landing beaches with the name of Scout and Raiders. They also did the Viet-Nam war, Afghanistan one, Persian Gulf and Irak war. They also killed Osama bin Mohammed bin Awad bin Laden.


  • Team 1: Coronado
  • Team 2: Virginia
  • Team 3: Coronado
  • Team 4:Virginia
  • Team 5: Coronado
  • Naval special warfar group: Virginia
  • Team 7: Coronado
  • Team 8: Virginia
  • Team 10: Virginia
  • Seal vehicle team 1: Peael Harbour
  • Seal vehicle team 2: Virginia


Lot of people want to be a navy seal from special forces, they are actually 8 000 guys without the civilian staff, and 10 000 with the civilian staff. Navy Seals are special because they are train to fight everywhere(desert, in the sea, under the water…).



Bin Laden operation

Bin Laden base
  • 1: the CIA situate bin-Laden in 2010 at Abbottabad
  • 2: During the night of the 2nd of May, 2 helicopteres Black Hawks, with 33 Navy Seals from special forces take off from Jalalabad protected by two other heavy helicopters Chinoo.
  • 3: above a wall, a Black Hawck crash into it. Navy Seals, alive, continue their mission.
  • 4: A first group protect the annex killing the messager Ahmed al-Kuwaiti.
  • 5: A second group go inside the main building. They first kill the Ahmed-al-Kuwaiti’s brother, and after a Bin-Laden son.
  • 6: At the last stage, they kill Bin-Laden by a headshot.
  • 7: Special forces take his body and many documents .
  • 8: After his identification at Bagram, they throw the body in the sea from the carrier Carl Vinson.


33 navy seals deployed

5 people killed

40 minuts of action

54 years old, age of Bin-Laden