Shayetet 13


Shayetet 13 is the special unit of the Israeli Navy, and it is one of the 3 most important special force of Israel.

The unit has been created in 1949 by Yohai Ben-Nun, an Israeli Navy officier. Firstly, it was secret, but around 10 years after, they began to training with the French Commandos Marine, so the existence of the Shayetet 13 was made public.


The Shayetet 13 is divided into 3 units:

-Haposhtim: reconnaissance, conter-terrorism

-Above water unit: boats attack, conter narco-traffic

-Underwater unit: sabotage, reconnaissance


They are based in Atlit.


The selection and the training lasts 20 months. During this period, they will have 5 stages in total wich are:

-Selection:This part occurs twice a year. All soldiers have to be males. It lasts 4 days with hard physical exercices and an important psycologic pression.

-6 months of basic training like: target shooting, marches…

-3 months of higher level training, like parachute training, maritime warfare…

-1 month of hard training with subaquatic exercices like underwater fights, ship sabotage…

-And finally, 9 months of rigourous training where most of the soldiers give up, with underwater demolition, advanced parachute training, sea-to-land incursions…