MARCOS means “Marine Commandos Force”.

In april 1987, the staff of the Indian Navy decided to create a new unit able to realise missions like reconnaissance and conter-terrorism. The first leaders were 3 officiers from a diving unit created by the English in 1955. Then, the militaries joining the unit were selected and trained by American Navy Seals. Firstly, they were called the Indian Marine Special Forces (IMSF), but changed as “Marine Commandos Forces” in 1991.


The MARCOS are based in:




-Port Blair



The recruitment program consists of two years of selection and training. They go through:

  • Three days of physical selection
  • The “hell week”
  • 3 months of selection
  • And then, the rest is the formation where they will:
  • learn how to use and fight with every weapon(crossbow, knives, sniper rifle…)
  • learn to dive
  • have an airborne training
  • learn the techniques of sabotage have an intelligence training
  • learn to fight (urban warzone, desert warzone…)


  • AK-103
  • 9mm 1A
  • Beretta 92
  • MP5
  • IWI Tavor