The SAS (special air service) have been created during the WW2 in Egypt during the year 1941 by the lieutenant David Striling. This unit is considered as a reference in term of special forces. They have inspired a lot of other special forces, and they created the French commandos’ marines in 1942. All began when Striling decided to create a unit with few men but well formed to fight against the German general Rommel in North Africa. British Staff did not agree with this idea but Striling did it. But in 1943, Striling is being captured by Nazis and the send him to Germany judging him too dangerous. At the end, we count more than 80 operations effected by the SAS during the second world war.

After this, the SAS are engaged in 1969 in the Irish Independence war. At first, they only start as spies to get information, but after, they begin to act as real special forces. And now, they fought almost everywhere and are considered as the best special forces in the world with the American Navy Seals.


-The 21 Special Air Service Regiment based in London.

-The 22 Special Air Service Regiment based in Credenhill.

-The 23 Special Air Service Regiment based in Birmingham.


Each year, 150 people try to integrate this unit. The first week is to eliminate the candidates without the good fitness. So, there are basic stuffs like:





After this week, the “survivors” will have to pass the Infantry Battle Fitness Test. A walk of 13 km with a backpack of 25 kg in the Walsh mountains’ Brecon Beacons with a limit time.

The other weeks, the candidates will have to do other hikes alone, in pair, or in group with a limit of time in the mountain.

Finally, they will have to walk 64km in the mountain with a 25kg backpack and a rifle to finish in 20h. The futures SAS will have walked a total of 445 km in the mountain.

After doing this test, they will have a formation and a journey in the jungle of 6 weeks in Borneo or in Belize.

The third and last phase is a traineeship called Survival, Evasion, Resistance and Extraction of 4 weeks including an interrogatory of 24 hours.


-C8 carbine



-HK G3

SAS badge